89 Vintage began life in a small terraced house in the North of Manchester. The goal? To have fun, be able to do what we love and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. The name? Well, that one’s a secret.

Between us, we’ve lived and breathed vintage clothing for almost 10 years. We’ve worked with many of the industries big names in vintage retailers, suppliers, wholesalers and you, the customers. We painstakingly handpick all of our pieces to ensure the best quality and style for the best price. That’s why our collections are iconic and unique to 89 Vintage. We specialise in American brands and adore anything from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We have a very green agenda and do everything we can to reuse and recycle every item of clothing we get our hands on. This is very important to us as a company, so if for any reason there is a garment that we cannot reuse, it is sent to be processed at a recycling centre.

89 Vintage is dedicated to keeping our customers in the most premium pieces from their favourite vintage era. We go above and beyond to bring new life to clothing that was once discarded, that promotes uniqueness in todays disposable fast-fashion climate.

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