Knowing how to care for your vintage clothing is essential in making them last for years to come. With the right care, TLC and storage, you can get the most out of every item you purchase from our store.

Storing Vintage Clothes

  • Always keep your vintage clothes in a dry, dust free place away from direct sunlight to avoid any fading of the item.

  • Always used wooden or padded hangers as other hangers can ruin the fabric at the shoulders, especially to older fabrics that may already be worn.

Washing Vintage Clothing

  • Always read the care label carefully and follow direct washing instructions where available

  • Always hand wash or dry clean any silk, wool or velvet garments to avoid any damage that can be caused by a washing machine

  • Never tumble dry your vintage items, always hang up to dry

  • Attempt to wash your vintage clothing items less where possible, this will avoid any unnecessary fading from repeated washing


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